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Auction 285 | Modern Art

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Modern Art

5 December 2018


Lot 500

Max Liebermann

Tree study

Result:  18.800*

Lot 502

Max Liebermann

Woman with child – Study to the Munich Beer garden

Result:  13.800*

Lot 503 – Highlight

Lesser Ury

Young farmer returning from the field

Result:  31.300*

Lot 505 – Highlight

Leo Putz

In the barge

Result:  50.000*

Lot 506

Alexander Kanoldt

Upper Rhine landscape near Karlsruhe

Result:  10.000*

Lot 507

Alexander Kanoldt

Houses in Schwabing, Munich

Result:  75.000*

Lot 508 – Highlight

Adolf Erbslöh

View onto the town

Result:  53.800*

Lot 512

Henri Liénard de Saint-Delis

Snowy landscape in Switzerland

Result:  40.000*

Lot 514

Pierre-Paul Girieud

Les Trois Marie vont au sépulcre

Result:  28.800*

Lot 515

Pierre-Paul Girieud

L’Été ou le Paradis terrestre

Result:  38.800*

Lot 517 – Highlight

Henry Moret

Le ramassage du goémon

Result:  47.500*

Lot 518

Max Beckmann

Landscape with sea

Result:  41.300*

Lot 519

Max Beckmann

Seashore, violet sky

Result:  35.000*

Lot 520

Max Beckmann

Coastal Landscape with Houses and Boats

Result:  56.300*

Lot 521

Max Beckmann


Result:  18.800*

Lot 522

Max Beckmann

Tree line in front of a grey sky

Result:  21.300*

Lot 523 – Highlight

Max Slevogt

Portrait of a Lady

Result:  31.300*

Lot 524

Lovis Corinth

Augustus bridge in Dresden

Result:  52.500*

Lot 526 – Highlight

Max Liebermann

The flower terrace at the Wannsee garden looking north-east

Result:  500.000*

Lot 528

Giorgio de Chirico


Result:  18.800*

Lot 529 – Highlight

Emil Nolde

Junks with light brown sails under light green sky

Result:  56.300*

Lot 530

Emil Nolde


Result:  12.500*

Lot 532

Heinrich Campendonk

Lute player

Result:  18.800*

Lot 533

Heinrich Campendonk

Juggler and female nude

Result:  22.500*

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