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Dear readers, dear friends of our house,

we can look back on an exciting and exceedingly successful year 2023. 100 years of Karl & Faber – there were, and still are, many reasons to celebrate. With a heavily frequented vernissage last June, we opened the new exhibition hall for contemporary art in Munich East, creating a wonderful space for encounters with art and art enthusiasts – a veritable arena for art! We were able to buck the trend and increase our sales by more than 20% last year. Never before habe we been able to sell so mans works in the six-figure range – in part thanks to our numerous international customers. We are the leading auction house for old master prints in continental Europe. All these successes would not be possible without you, our costumers and friends, and we are grateful for the trust you continue to place in us.

Out of gratitude grows our need to get involved and give something back to the (art) community: to the artist, whose creativity and endeavours have created a market for contemporary art in the first place, to the institutions, organisers and associations that support art in Munich through their unwavering commitment, and to people in need. We have organised chariy auctions for the Kunstverein München, BISS, the Rotary organisation and Gesellschaft macht Schule. We have supported young artists though the Karl & Faber Art Prize and Various Others. On p. 8 you can find a summary of our involvement.

At Karl & Faber, we see ourselves as art mediators in every sense of the word. We bring works of art together with new owners, consignors with collectors. However, we not only want to successfully broker your works, but also express our passion for art. This is why we and our representatives continue to organise events on art and the art market. We are constantly exploring the question – why do people collect? And how can Karl & Faber support collectors? This is part of our mission in the Art of Collecting…. We organised an event in June in cooperation with Deutsche Bank inviting participants to a discussion about the differences between institutional and private collecting. You can find the results on p. 16.

Because even in the 101st year of Karl & Faber we’re still exploring new concepts in order to further meet the needs of our customers, this year, we will be replacing our online-only auctions with real-time online auctions: without a printed catalogue and preview, but with live streaming of the auction and winning bids. Just like in our saleroom auctions, you will be able to bid on one of our four internet platforms, via telephone, or using an absentee form.

Whether your’re bidding, selling successfully with us, visiting our events, following us on social media or reading this journal, we hope you can sense our fascination for art.
We look forward to the exchange with you!

Dr. Rupert Keim, Managing Partner &
Sheila Scott, Managing Director


Journal 2024 | Download here as PDF