Payment & Shipping

Congratulations, You are the winning bidder for your favourite artwork in our auction!

We understand all too well that you want to get your new favourite work home as quickly as possible and present it in the best light. However, there are just a few more things to consider beforehand.

After the auction, our experienced team in the accounts and shipping departments will be available to help you every step of the way. However, following our extensive live auctions, even the fastest team may need a little longer to deal with the many requests, and we kindly ask for your patience during this time.

These are the next steps:


You will receive an invoice for your purchases a few days after the auction (or after the post-auction sale).

The invoice amount to be paid consists of the hammer price and the premium plus VAT. In addition, an artists resale rights charge of 1.5 percent is levied on works of art made by living artists or artists who died less than 70 years ago.

You will find further explanations of your invoice here:

Invoices subject to margin taxation 

The majority of the works sold in our auctions are subject to margin taxation. This means that VAT is only charged on the premium and is not disclosed separately on the invoice. This is the standard and generally more cost effective method of taxation, especially for private buyers within the EU.

Invoices subject to standard taxation

Art dealers can request an invoice with the VAT disclosed, thus buying with standard taxation. In this case, the VAT is levied on the hammer price and the premium.

If you would prefer an invoice with standard taxation, please communicate this to Karl & Faber prior to the auction, preferably when placing your bid or when registering to bid via telephone.

Please understand that we cannot make changes to your invoice type after the auction has ended.

“N” objects
Works of art consigned to auction from non-EU countries are listed with the letter “N” after the catalogue number. Here, the margin taxation plus an import turnover tax of seven percent is applied. This means that in addition to the premium, an import turnover tax of seven percent of the hammer price is charged.

“R” objects 
Some works are consigned subject to standard taxation, these are marked in the auction catalogue with an “R” after the catalogue number. In this case, VAT is calculated based on the sum of the hammer price and the premium. Here – even for private buyers – no margin taxation can be applied.

Conditions of Sale | PDF

Premium scales

The premium is calculated individually for each work of art according to the hammer price:

Artworks subject to margin taxation: 
– 32 % of the hammer price up to € 500,000
– 27 % of the hammer price above € 500,000 and up to € 1,500,000
– 22 % of the hammer price above € 1,500,000 for the amount exceeding this sum
The invoice amount includes the premium plus VAT, which is not disclosed separately, and any other costs plus VAT.

Artworks subject to standard taxation: 
– 27 % of the hammer price up to € 500,000
– 21 % of the hammer price above € 500,000 and up to € 1,500,000
– 16 % of the hammer price above € 1,500,000 for the amount exceeding this sum
The VAT will be charged on the hammer price, the premium and any other costs and will be disclosed separately on the invoice.

Conditions of Sale PDF

Shipping instructions

Live auctions
If you live further away from Munich, your invoice will include a delivery flat rate. We will send you a shipping instruction form with your invoice, please fill this out and send it back to us. We will deliver your purchases to you as soon as the invoice amount has been paid and the completed shipping form has been returned to us.

Online only auctions
Your invoice will include a delivery flat rate. Your purchases will be sent to you automatically as soon as the invoice amount has been paid.

Shipping instructions PDF


If you wish to collect your purchases in person in Munich, we offer the following payment options:

  • Cash (for amounts up to € 10,000)
  • EC card with pin (not with signature)

Otherwise, we ask you to pay via bank transfer to our company account.
You can find all the information about our payment options as well as our account details, including information for non-EU customers here:

Payment options PDF


In-person collection in Munich, Hamburg or Düsseldorf
You are welcome to collect your purchases from us here in Munich. If you have not yet transferred the invoice amount, you can pay in cash (for amounts up to € 10,000) or with EC card and PIN (not with signature) when you collect in person in Munich.

Please make an appointment via telephone at least 24 hours before collection, if possible, so that we can have your artworks ready for you when you arrive to avoid waiting times.

Or you can book a collecting appointment directly via our booking system.

Upon request, we can also arrange for you to collect your purchases from one of our branches in Hamburg or Düsseldorf. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay your invoice in Hamburg or Düsseldorf. Please contact us if you would like to collect your purchases in one of our branches.

Shipping and forwarding

Each work of art is unique! Some are especially fragile, others are particularly large, and others are exceedingly heavy. Our shipping destinations in Bavaria and around the globe also vary greatly. This is why we rely on personalised and individual consultation with our experienced shipping team. For deliveries outside of the EU, we will prepare the necessary customs export documents for you.

Our standard delivery options:
We are happy to organise professional, carefully packaged and insured shipping for your art purchases. The buyer is required to carry the costs of packaging, shipping and insurance in advance.

We can organise for large or heavy objects to be transported by a professional art forwarding agency. In this case, the agency will invoice the costs of transport to you directly.

Just call us, we will be happy to advise you!

Shipping instructions PDF