The Art of Collecting

The reasons for buying and collecting art may differ greatly: Sometimes it is the pure joy found in the colours, form or motif. Other times it is the endeavor to fathom the essence of an artist’s oeuvre or the spirit of an era. Or perhaps a work of art that is tied to a personal memory or feeling.

But there is one thing all collections have in common: The owner is always proud to have acquired something beautiful, rare and valuable.  It is mostly the case that art aficionados assemble their treasures over the course of many years. And their collections do not bear an air of the finite, are not fixed and static, but have a life cycle of their own.

Being able to accompany you and your collection over the long term through this cycle is what we at KARL & FABER regard as the Art of Collecting. Be it at the onset, when a collection is being built up creatively, in the interim, when it is about meaningfully rounding out the collection, or later, when it is time for a judicious restructuring – or be it at the end, when we might be entrusted with the careful dissolution of an art collection.

Due to the long tradition of our auction house, we have become acquainted with collections in the most varying phases of their existence. We know that each individual work of art has its own very special history. The provenances of the works reflect the biographies of their collectors.

This is what you share with us when you allow us to accompany you in matters pertaining your art.  The Art of Collecting also means that we, for our part, share as well with you: We share our profound market knowledge and our far-reaching international network – so that you may supplement your collection with valuable pieces or, at the end of the collection’s lifecycle, sell it for what it is truly worth.