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Auction 296 | Modern Art

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Modern Art

Cover Picture:
Henry Moore, Two seated figures against wall, 1960
© The Henry Moore Foundation. All Rights Reserved/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020

Lot 403N – Highlight

Max Liebermann

Avenue in Tiergarten with strolling figures, a carriage and a tra

Result:  512.500*

Lot 432 – Highlight

Pablo Picasso

Homme à l’agneau, mangeur de pastèque et flûtiste

Result:  375.000*

Lot 433 – Highlight

Marc Chagall

Intérieur jaune

Result:  350.000*

Lot 412 – Highlight

Lesser Ury

Kurfürstendamm by night (At the zoo)

Result:  275.000*

Lot 406N – Highlight

Wassily Kandinsky

Kochel – mountains with firs

Result:  250.000*

Lot 418 – Highlight

Emil Nolde

Flowers with red and violet blooms (Lilies and iris)

Result:  168.800*

Lot 440 – Highlight

Henry Moore

Two seated figures against wall

Result:  150.000*

Lot 411 – Highlight

Gabriele Münter

Portrait of Gustl Blab

Result:  150.000*

Lot 429 – Highlight

Raoul Dufy

La Promenade des Anglais à Nice

Result:  125.000*

Lot 409

Egon Schiele

Lady in profile sitting in a chair

Result:  100.000*

Lot 420

Gabriele Münter

Gravel pit near Lake Staffel

Result:  85.000*

Lot 425 – Highlight

Alberto Giacometti

Portrait of James Lord

Result:  81.300*

Lot 428 – Highlight

Maurice de Vlaminck

La maison de l’Étang

Result:  76.300*

Lot 400 – Highlight

Pierre-Paul Girieud

Portrait of Émilie Charmy

Result:  75.000*

Lot 430

Maurice de Vlaminck

Rue de Village

Result:  68.800*

Lot 410

Georg Kolbe

Seated figure

Result:  68.800*

Lot 417N

Paul Klee

“Virgin in a tree” (Dreaming virgin)

Result:  62.500*

Lot 437

Fritz Winter

“Incoming blue and red”

Result:  62.500*

Lot 422N

Emil Nolde

Village on a koog

Result:  62.500*

Lot 401

Adolf Erbslöh

View of the city

Result:  62.500*

Lot 424N

Hans Bellmer

Recto – Verso: Untitled

Result:  55.000*

Lot 431N

Fernand Léger

Composition: L’homme au vase

Result:  50.000*

Lot 436R

Ernst Wilhelm Nay

Untitled (Pane image)

Result:  43.800*

Lot 603 – Highlight

Frantisek Kupka

Abstract composition

Result:  43.800*

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