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Auction 295 | 19th Century Art

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Old Masters & 19th Century Art

Cover Picture:
Adolph von Menzel, Im Freien, 1852

Lot 87

German School C. 1820

Hagar’s farewell

Result:  3.000*

Lot 133

Francois-Étienne Musin

Coastal scene with fishermen

Result:  3.000*

Lot 216

French School

Sleeping boy with a cat

Result:  3.000*

Lot 148

Wilhelm Kuhnert

A seated Bedouin

Result:  2.900*

Lot 47

Achille Solari

Pendants: View of Naples – View of Capri

Result:  2.900*

Lot 132N

Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson (Nachfolge)

The dream of Endymion

Result:  2.900*

Lot 62

Karl Christian Sparmann

Meadow with a stream

Result:  2.500*

Lot 147

Otto von Faber Du Faur

The address of the Bedouin horseman

Result:  2.500*

Lot 142

Joseph Delattre

A view of the Seine

Result:  2.500*

Lot 192

Rudolf Schuster

2 sheets: The Elbe near Salesel – Hilly landscape near Tivoli

Result:  2.300*

Lot 146

Otto von Faber Du Faur

Bedouin horseman departing from a palace

Result:  2.300*

Lot 66

Carl Millner

A rocky stream

Result:  2.300*

Lot 79

Edmund Friedrich Kanoldt

An eagle in the mountains

Result:  2.300*

Lot 64

German School C. 1850

Boulder on a mountain top (possibly Olevano)

Result:  2.300*

Lot 93

German School C. 1850

Portrait of a boy

Result:  2.300*

Lot 201

Boy in a hat

Result:  2.100*

Lot 99

Albert Müller-Lingke

Children playing with rabbits in the hay (childhood idyll)

Result:  2.000*

Lot 180

Friedrich Preller d. Ä.

Rebecca and Eliezar at the well

Result:  1.900*

Lot 127

Jan van der Waarden

Fruit still life with an orange, a lemon, and grapes

Result:  1.900*

Lot 83

Ernst Kaiser

Landscape near Chiemsee

Result:  1.900*

Lot 123

Julius Victor Carstens

Still life with grapes

Result:  1.900*

Lot 82

Münchner Schule

Landscape near Brannenburg

Result:  1.900*

Lot 116

German School

A pug dog

Result:  1.800*

Lot 181

Ludwig Passini

Venetian fishermen

Result:  1.500*

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