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Auction 295 | 19th Century Art

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Old Masters & 19th Century Art

Cover Picture:
Adolph von Menzel, Im Freien, 1852

Lot 188


Adolph Menzel’s house on Sigismundstraße in Berlin

Result:  5.600*

Lot 186

Adolph Menzel

Garden scene

Result:  5.600*

Lot 90

Julius Lange

The Serles in Tirol

Result:  5.000*

Lot 95

Wilhelm Busch

On the meadow

Result:  5.000*

Lot 210

Max Klinger

Erotic scene

Result:  5.000*

Lot 138

Leon-Victor Dupré

Panoramic landscape with a herd of cows and a maid

Result:  5.000*

Lot 78

Düsseldorf um 1840

Rock formation in the Eifel

Result:  4.800*

Lot 58

German School

Full moon night

Result:  4.400*

Lot 207

Max Klinger

Priestesses of love

Result:  4.400*

Lot 56



Result:  4.100*

Lot 85

Joseph Hauber

Diana and Actaeon

Result:  4.100*

Lot 42

Fritz Bamberger

View of Algeciras and the Rock of Gibralta

Result:  4.000*

Lot 198

Johann Adam Klein

Peasants with horses

Result:  4.000*

Lot 57


Full moon

Result:  4.000*

Lot 212

Fidus (Hugo Höppener)


Result:  3.800*

Lot 80

Edward Theodore Compton (Circle)

A mountain waterfall

Result:  3.500*

Lot 71

Carl Robert Kummer

Hiker on the Jungfrauengletscher in the Bernese Alps

Result:  3.500*

Lot 60

Karl Christian Sparmann


Result:  3.500*

Lot 125

Theodor Alt

Still life with red corn

Result:  3.300*

Lot 110

Ludwig Knaus

Bust of a young Roma woman

Result:  3.200*

Lot 209

Max Klinger

Erotic scene

Result:  3.100*

Lot 208

Max Klinger

Man and woman

Result:  3.100*

Lot 75

Christian Ernst B. Morgenstern (zugeschrieben)

Alpine landscape

Result:  3.100*

Lot 48

August Albert Zimmermann


Result:  3.100*

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