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Auktion 288 | 19th Century Art

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Lot 40 – Highlight

Christian Friedrich Gille


Result:  16.800*

Lot 42


Overgrown slope

Result:  1.900*

Lot 45

Karl Weysser

Wine plant

Result:  1.900*

Lot 46

Karl Weysser

Walnut branch

Result:  1.100*

Lot 48

Anton Thorenfeld

Wide landscape

Result:  1.300*

Lot 50R

Christian Friedrich Gille (zugeschrieben)


Result:  2.800*

Lot 51

Deutsch um 1880

Tulip in full bloom

Result:  2.100*

Lot 53

Wilhelm Busch

Peasant from Wiedensahl

Result:  21.900*

Lot 54

Wilhelm Busch

A lying and a standing cow in the shad of a tree

Result:  14.800*

Lot 59 – Highlight

Wilhelm Busch

A farmer’s wife with a white scarf and a red jacket

Result:  25.800*

Lot 62

Wilhelm Busch

Tavern scene

Result:  10.300*

Lot 64

Vladimir Orlovsky

Anglers at the lake

Result:  17.500*

Lot 66

Mikhail Spiridonovich Erassi

The Via Mala in Switzerland

Result:  4.500*

Lot 69

Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld (zugeschrieben)

In Fontainebleau park

Result:  4.500*

Lot 70

Bernhard Fries

Landscape by lake Geneva

Result:  2.600*

Lot 73 – Highlight

Johann Christoph Georg Fries

The Magdalenenklause at Nympenburg Park

Result:  10.300*

Lot 74

Carl Wilhelm Götzloff (Attributed)

The ascent to the monastery

Result:  3.500*

Lot 77

Peter Conrad Schreiber

Above the roofstops in Rome

Result:  2.600*

Lot 81

Oswald Achenbach

Meadow slope with trees

Result:  1.900*

Lot 82 – Highlight

Heinrich Bürkel

In the Murnauer Moos

Result:  21.300*

Lot 83

Josef Wopfner

At lake Chiemsee

Result:  5.800*

Lot 84

Ludwig Sckell

View of Egern and St. Laurentius church

Result:  2.300*

Lot 87

Ludwig Correggio

Alpine landscape with a lake

Result:  1.300*

Lot 90

Heinrich Bürkel

Prize Competition for marksmen in front of the tavern

Result:  28.400*

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