Adolf Erbslöh. 1881–1947. Catalogue raisonné of the Paintings

This co-founder of the Neue Künstlervereinigung in Munich and friend of Alexander Kanoldt created an important œuvre. Interested in geometric structures and bright colors as well as being inspired by nature and many travels, Adolf Erbslöh (1881 New York – Irschenhausen 1947) concentrated on landscape paintings – above all, mountains and trees were what fascinated him as motifs.

In 2011, KARL & FABER auctioned off one of his paintings, the “Baumgruppe im Englischen Garten (Group of Trees in the English Garden)”. While doing research for the auction, two varying photographs showed up in different publications of what seemed to be the very same painting – the one bearing the artist’s initials, the other signed. Were these actually two works or was this a case of only one canvas that had been reworked? The list of paintings that had been published by Hans Wille in 1967 yielded no answer. It was high time to come up with a revised and supplemented version of the list.

For the revision, KARL & FABER was able to enlist Brigitte Salmen and Felix Billeter. After nearly five years of continuous research, the Catalogue raisonné of the paintings, encompassing more than 700 works, was published by Hirmer Verlag. To accompany the publication, an exhibition took place at KARL & FABER, which presented around 30 works – for the most part family-owned. The solution to the mystery of the “Group of Trees” painting, by the way, can be found in the Catalogue raisonné under No. 1916/6.

„Adolf Erbslöh. Werkverzeichnis der Gemälde“
Published by KARL & FABER, Munich.
Authors: Felix Billeter, Brigitte Salmen. With an introduction by Sten Nadolny
ISBN 978-3-7774-2587-0 (published March 2016)
Language: German
Price: € 58


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