We are thankful to Michael Neff of the Estate Günther Förg for kindly confirming the authenticity of this work. This work is registered in the estate archive under the number WVF.97.B.1207. Provenance: Private collection, Southern Germany, by descent to the present owner.


• Typical, clearly structured work with a particularly attractive surface effect
• Privately owned for over 20 years, on the auction market for the first time
• Günther Förg is one of the most prominent artists of our time, his estate is exclusively represented by the Galerie Hauser & Wirth
• His works are housed today in numerous international museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the San Francisco Museum of Art and the Städel, Frankfurt a. M.The present work has a high-gloss surface. The centre of the picture it is dominated by a dark, vertical strip of colour, flanked on either side by contrasting fields of soft yellow. The fine dark streaks of colour scattered throughout the light areas are particularly attractive. The colour seems literally frozen on the canvas. The present work was created by Günther Förg in 1997 and is one of the painter’s characteristic lacquer paintings. As early as 1993, Förg was looking for a transparent colour to use for a church window commission, and he found it in a synthetic resin varnish diluted with turpentine. This paved the way for many new inventions. Günther Förg is one of the most versatile representatives of contemporary art. Even in his first paintings, created at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in the 1970s, Förg was keen to experiment and explore the possibilities of painting. At first he used sponges to paint canvases in monochrome colours, eschewing the use of brushes and avoiding gestural marks.

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