This edition of the sheet was published as sheet 9 of the 10-part portfolio “Otto Mueller: Zehn Lithographien” in spring 1922 by Verlag Graphisches Kabinett I.B. Neumann, Berlin. Karsch 147 a (of b). Literature:Sabarsky, Serge (ed.), Druckgraphik des deutschen Expressionismus, Milan 1984, cat. no.8, with col. illus. p. 154; Sabarsky, Serge, Malerei des deutschen Expressionismus, Stuttgart 1987, with black and white ill. p. 159; Sabarsky, Serge (ed.), Graphik des deutschen Expressionismus, Stuttgart/Munich 1991, cat. no.118, with col. illus. p. 161.Exhibitions:Graphik des deutschen Expressionismus, Internationale Wanderausstellung, Künstlerhaus, Vienna et. al. 1984-1993, cat. no.8 and 118; Neue Galerie, Museum for German and Austrian Art, New York 2009/10; Visual Weimar. 1919-1933, Middlebury College Museum of Art, Middlebury/Vermont 2014; Naked Truth: The Body in Early 20th-Century Germany and Austria, Middlebury College Museum of Art, Middlebury/Vermont 2015.Provenance:estate of Krob; collection of/estate of Serge Sabarsky, New York, acquired from the aforementioned in 1982; collection of/Foundation Vally Sabarsky, New York.

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