In Exchange 2021

The Art of Collecting | Dr. Sonja Lechner | Johann König

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Dear Readers and Friends of our Auction House,

Over the past year, we all had to face great challenges. The ever-changing conditions forced us all to react with flexibility and innovative ideas. For us at Karl & Faber, this meant above all pushing ahead with digitalisation. In addition to our classic online only auctions, we were the first auction house in Germany to introduce a new auction format: the Real Time Online Auction, a streamed live auction without an audience in the room, but with telephone and internet bidders. We were very active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest and developed the concept for “Karl & Faber im Austausch (in Exchange)”. In doing so, we continued to focus on the one thing that gives the art market its right to exist: collecting. In this Journal, you will find the summaries of two in Exchange-conversations we had with a focus on this topic. Whereas Johann König and Rupert Keim discuss the reasons for collecting, Sonja Lechner and Sheila Scott explore the question of whether women artists should be specifically promoted. The article Glitter in Their Eyes makes it clear that more and more collectors, and especially a growing number of financially independent women collectors, are focusing on the potential of women’s art. Starting on p. 58, a Munich collector gives a very personal answer to the question of whether women collect differently from men. Ultimately, our understanding of and know-how about collecting also led to a special auction of a private collection in Ulm. You can read more about this White Glove Sale from p. 65 onwards. Collecting is what brings us together, which is a good feeling, especially in times like these. But the success of our measures depends upon you, our friends of the auction house. You have watched us with enthusiasm, followed us on our social media channels, and you have placed your bids so that the year 2020 turned out to be the most successful year ever in the long history of our auction house. For this we are grateful to you.

Despite all of these wonderful digital possibilities: We miss being in direct contact with you! And so we hope that we will soon be able to welcome you again on our premises in Munich, Hamburg or Düsseldorf or visit you at home or in your gallery. Until then, we trust this Journal will convey a little of the Karl & Faber feeling.

With our very best regards,

Dr. Rupert Keim, Managing Partner &
Sheila Scott, Managing Director

Journal 2021 | Download PDF here