Published by Internationale Kunstschau, Vienna.
Winger/Welz 30.

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– Poster for the art show in Vienna in 1908, one of the first important exhibitions in which Kokoschka participated

– The angular outlines and large areas of colour as well as the typeface are characteristic of Viennese poster art

– The work marks the transition in Kokoschka’s art between his Art Nouveau and Expressionist phases

In 1908, Oskar Kokoschka accepted an invitation from Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann to design the poster for the art exhibition taking place in Vienna that year. Although still modelled on Klimt, the young artist’s depiction appears much more radical: the elongated limbs could be described as almost Mannerist. Nevertheless, the angular outlines, the large areas of colour and a font that matches the style are characteristic of Viennese poster art, to which a separate room is dedicated in the show. Whether the plant that the girl is picking is cotton blossoms or grapevines is disputed. His fellow student at the School of Arts and Crafts, Rudolf Kalvach, also designed a poster for the art show, which shows some stylistic parallels to Kokoschka’s work.

The art show in Vienna in the summer of 1908 was the first major exhibition in which Kokoschka took part.

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