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Restitution & Reconciliation | Artist’s Path Today | Art Prize 2019

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Dear readers, dear friends of our house,

It is one of our most important goals to bring together people who are inte­rested or active in the diverse branches and challenges of the art market. Of course, the art market is primarily about money, it is an intrinsic part of it, and of course we always want to achieve the best possible results for our consi­gnors and provide buyers with exciting and relevant works of art. That is the purpose of an auction house. However, even if money and prices will always be in the foreground of what we do, they are still only one facet of our activity. Collecting art poses so many other important questions. We at Karl & Faber would like to help you, as a customer and collector, to find the answers. Whe­ther you are currently assembling, restructuring, or selling works from an art collection, whether you have a large collection or just a few pieces, we pride ourselves on providing you with friendly and professional assistance. Collec­ting art can be an art form in itself, assembling an art collection can become the “art of collection”.

The contents of our journal reflects various themes that come up again and again throughout this process: The Interessensgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunsthandel held a conference on the topic of restitution at Karl & Faber’s premises in Munich in which this complex issue was discussed by leading Ger­ man experts, including Professor Michael Wolffsohn. Professor Sophie Schön­berger also spoke on the topic of restitution in a panel held at our Düsseldorf branch. Representatives from cultural politics, the art market, and artists held a discussion under the title “Academy – Gallery – Museum: A straight and narrow path to becoming an artist?” with us as part of the Various Others ini­tiative. You can find excerpts from the discussion, moderated by Tobias Haberl (SZ magazine), in this journal as well as much more, including information on the winner of the Karl & Faber art prize 2019, our upcoming appraisal days, auctions and exhibitions in 2020, how to care for works on paper, as well as the possibilities of a “private deal”.

Kind regards,

Dr. Rupert Keim, Managing Partner &
Sheila Scott, Managing Director and Director Modern Art

Journal 2020 | Download PDF here