In Exchange 2019

Sigmar Polke | Franz Marc Museum | Busch-Reisinger Museum | Richard Ziegler

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Dear Reader,

The current issue of our journal specifically examines the exchange Karl & Faber maintains with museums and institutions. Ultimately, such institutions thrive because of the people who work in these places and/or those who support them. By focusing on them, it becomes clear once more that collectors and institutions, dealers and auction houses all have an extremely symbiotic relationship that is not always tension-free, but for this, always remains exciting. Karl & Faber keeps close ties with the Franz Marc Museum in Kochel am See and the Busch-Reisinger Museum in Cambridge, near Boston (USA). In our title story, you will learn what strategies their two women museum directors develop in order to achieve distinction alongside the big players. Our column “From Karl & Faber to the Museum” explains to you how a painting by Heinrich Reinhold and a photograph by Sigmar Polke from our past auctions found their ways to the museum.

What is art worth? This question persists as an evergreen: An illustrious discussion round took a stand on this topic last summer in our building. You may well be surprised when you read the summary of the new and astonishing views!

We feel privileged to rely on an increasing number of new customers who entrust to us their works of art. This also leads to new sales channels as well as to a further strengthening of our Contemporary Art Department, as you can gather from the various articles in our journal. Thanks to you, our customers, in recent years, Karl & Faber stands as the one auction house that has developed most dynamically since 2010 in the Germany-Austria-Switzerland region (source: artnet market report, January 2019).

We also look forward to further exchanges with you, dear readers. Do come in and discuss your art with us – who knows, perhaps one day the work of art you have entrusted to us for one of our auctions will hang in a museum … Best regards

Dr. Rupert Keim, Managing Partner &
Sheila Scott, Managing Director and Director Modern Art

Journal 2019 | Download PDF here