In Exchange 2018

Blinky Palermo | Lyonel Feininger | Carl Spitzweg | Albrecht Dürer

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Dear Readers,

In the year marking the ninety-fifth anniversary of Karl & Faber, we have devoted our new Spring Journal to the subject of networking and exchange. At the beginning of the year, the two Flemish collectors Mimi Dusselier and Bernard Soens were our guests. During an interview, they talked about collecting art together and why Flanders is an ideal place to do so. In the following pages, you will also receive a first glimpse of what is on offer at our spring auctions. From the auction taking place on 7 June, Julia Macke, our expert on contemporary art, presents a firstrate suite of editions by Blinky Palermo. Sebastian Ehlert, who works for the Lyonel Feininger Project, New York – Berlin, writes about Feininger’s time in Paris. The artist’s affinity for this city is reflected in his drawings of the houses and street scenes which will be sold during the Auction of Modern Art on 6 June. Our expert on the 19th century, Peter Prange, reports on an “extraordinary stroke of luck” in his essay about Friedrich Rehberg’s paintings Julius Sabinus in der Verbannung (Julius Sabinus in Exile). At the auction taking place on 4 May, the last known version of this painting will come under the hammer. Heike Birkenmaier, our Old Masters expert, writes on Old Master prints, an area of collection steeped in tradition and at the same time currently very popular – and with which Karl & Faber has achieved international record prices. Max Scharnigg, who writes for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, has studied a work by Carl Spitzweg and expresses his thoughts on it in his column Ways of Seeing. You will find a brief selection of our TOP RESULTS for the past year in the second half of our journal; they include some spectacular results and records.

We look forward to your consignment and to a successful year with you. We hope you will enjoy reading our Spring Journal.

Dr. Rupert Keim, Managing Partner &
Sheila Scott, Managing Director, Director Modern Art

Journal 2018 | Download PDF here