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Sell your artwork with Karl & Faber

Are you interested in selling art or in breaking up a larger estate or your collection? Karl & Faber offers to conduct the entire sales process for you in a secure and professional manner. We look forward to working with you, to guiding you as you negotiate the international art market.

It would be our pleasure to advise you!

It would be a pleasure to advise you - Personally

Our specialists would be happy to examine your objects at our primary location in the heart of Munich or in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Basel where our representatives are located. Make an appointment with one of our specialists or representatives.

On Site

Several weeks prior to an auction, our specialists will examine your objects on site in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, in the UK and US. They will advise you on how to proceed. Dates and information about our Valuation Days. In addition, you can always book a consultation with our representatives in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Basel. If you are breaking up an extensive collection, our specialists will come to meet you on location.


At Karl & Faber, we are able to send you a non-binding online estimate. We require the following details, if available: images, artist, dates, measurements, origin and any other information you have. Our specialists offer an initial assessment of your objects and advise you on how to proceed.

By Telephone

Get the process underway by ringing us at +49 89 22 18 65


At Karl & Faber we have a wealth of experience. Browse our Results and our List of Artists.

Our Service

Karl & Faber offers a whole range of services for the purpose of achieving the best possible market price for your artworks. It is our aim to get top prices for you – always.


Our specialists are up to date about the latest art market developments. All valuations of artworks are based on current prices. The estimated price is a range which represents market dynamics. A lower limit that we agree on with the consignor secures a minimum sales price.


The minimum price at which we will sell your object, the so-called reserve or reserve price, is usually 75% of the lower estimate.

Expert’s report

With some works obtaining an expert’s report is required before selling. This is easily achieved through our extensive ties to internationally recognized experts. Usually, all you have to cover is the expert’s fee and shipping costs, if applicable. We will notify you of these expenses beforehand.

Restoration & Cleaning

In some cases, auction results can be improved if an artwork is professionally restored and cleaned prior to the auction. We get you in touch with our restoration specialists and make sure everything is managed smoothly.


We are very particular when it comes to how artworks are presented and described in our catalogues. This is done to the highest standards and includes information on the condition, the artist and the art-historical classification. As a consignor, you will be sent, free of charge, the catalogues that list your artworks.


In addition to the presentation in the catalogue, each object, in the lead-up to the auction, is displayed during our pre-sale viewings.


Around four weeks before the auction, Karl & Faber publishes meticulously-designed catalogues that showcase your objects. These are sent to thousands of customers around the world. The catalogues are also available as online versions. And our collaboration with well-known internet portals gives your artworks the best possible exposure.In addition, we offer your art objects to specific private collectors and museums, and advertise them on the national and international market. Select works are exhibited at our viewings in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Vienna, and are advertised nationally and internationally.

We get the
best price!

At the auction, your art object is called out by its designated catalogue number. We will let you know the timeframe when this will happen. Following the auction, we will inform you about the results of your consignment.

Within five weeks, you will receive an itemized receipt and payment from your auction sales if the bidders have paid their invoice.

Post-Auction Sales
Our post-auction sales last ten weeks following an auction. We offer works that did not sell for the reserve price. In this way, your artworks that did not sell can be on the market again.




Commission is charged only if your artwork is sold. In the case of valuable individual items or entire collections, we recommend discussing a customized agreement.
If your place of residence is in the EU and you are not entitled to deduct pre-tax, the commission increases by the amount of the value added tax.


As long as your artworks are in our care, they are insured by Karl & Faber Kunstauktionen GmbH up to the amount of their (lower) estimated value. For this we charge a contribution towards expenses in the amount of 1% of the lower estimated value, plus VAT.

Droit de Suite

Of the government regulated droit de suite (a resale royalty), as laid out in § 26 UrhG, the consignor pays a contribution (subject to VAT) in the amount of 1,5 % of the hammer price plus VAT. Based on this contribution, the auctioneer then exempts the consignor from his obligation to make the payment stipulated in § 26 UrhG.

Costs of image reproduction

Presenting your artwork in the best possible way is a fundamental matter to us. For this reason we have your objects photographed by professionals.
Images in the catalogue of Old Masters / Art of the 19. Century as well as in the catalogue for Modern / Contemporary Art up to 1/3 page: EUR 75.- €

All other:
1/2 page: EUR 120.-
1/1 page: EUR 250.-
double page: 500 €

Images in the online-catalogue:
30 €

Shipping & Transportation

We are happy to take care of appropriate transportation of your objects to our business premises. Simply ask us about it. On enquiry, our representatives can facilitate collective shipping. Shipping and transportation costs are incurred by the consignor.

General information

You can download our General Information here.