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Old Masters & 19th Century Art

Cover picture:
Albrecht Dürer, Samson kills the lion, C. 1497/98


Lot 220

Albrecht Dürer

The bagpipe player

Result:  7.500*

Lot 221N

Albrecht Dürer

The Prodigal Son

Result:  4.400*

Lot 222

Albrecht Dürer

Death and the lovers (The walk)

Result:  8.000*

Lot 223

Albrecht Dürer

The flagellation

Result:  2.500*

Lot 225N

Albrecht Dürer

Christ in Purgatory

Result:  8.100*

Lot 228N

Albrecht Dürer

The Apostle Philip

Result:  3.100*

Lot 229N

Albrecht Dürer

The Apostle Simon

Result:  3.100*

Lot 230N

Albrecht Dürer

The Apostle Bartholomew

Result:  3.100*

Lot 231N

Albrecht Dürer

The Apostle Paul

Result:  3.100*

Lot 232N

Albrecht Dürer

Ecce Homo (Christ as the Man of Sorrows with bound hands)

Result:  27.500*

Lot 233

Albrecht Dürer

Cardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg (The Great Cardinal)

Result:  1.000*

Lot 234

Albrecht Dürer

Frederick the Wise, Prince Elector of Saxony

Result:  2.500*

Lot 237N – Highlight

Albrecht Dürer

Hercules (Hercules defeating the Moliones; Hercules and Cacus)

Result:  31.300*

Lot 248

Albrecht Dürer

The last supper

Result:  3.800*

Lot 249

Albrecht Dürer

The lamentation

Result:  3.400*

Lot 250

Albrecht Dürer

Mary as queen of the angels (Mary crowned by two angels)

Result:  12.500*

Lot 251

Albrecht Dürer

Saint John devouring the book

Result:  13.800*

Lot 252

Albrecht Dürer

The Bishop Saints Nicholas, Ulrich, and Erasmus

Result:  1.500*

Lot 253

Albrecht Dürer

Saint Sebaldus on the column (single sheet with Conrad Celtis’ od

Result:  6.300*

Lot 254

Albrecht Dürer

Saint Jerome in the grotto

Result:  3.500*

Lot 255N

Albrecht Dürer

The holy family with five angels

Result:  2.000*

Lot 257

Hans Sebald Beham

The holy family beneath a tree

Result:  2.300*

Lot 268

Nicolaes de Bruyn

Rustic feast in a palace park

Result:  1.500*

Lot 271N

Jan Lievens

Bust of an old man with a long white beard

Result:  1.100*

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