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Auktion 291 | Old Masters

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Old Masters & 19th Century Art

Otto Marseus van Schrieck
Three snakes, lizard and toad, 1663
Oil on canvas, 61 x 51 cm

Lot 1

Osias Beert d. Ä. (Nachfolge)

Still life with a dish of chestnuts and walnuts, a glass of red wine and sugar canes

Result:  5.000*

Lot 2

Osias Beert d. Ä. (Nachfolge)

Still life with melon, figs and a glass of white wine

Result:  4.100*

Lot 3

Monogrammist J.H.V.

Still life with grapes, berries, oysters, lemon and wine glass

Result:  2.500*

Lot 4

Monogrammist J.H.V.

a Wanli bowl

Result:  2.500*

Lot 5 – Highlight

Josse de Momper d. J.

Winter village landscape by a frozen river

Result:  125.000*

Lot 6

French Or Italian School

The Annunciation

Result:  2.100*

Lot 8

Pieter Brueghel d. J. (Nachfolge)

Portrait of a fisherman holding a small fish

Result:  75.000*

Lot 9


St. Roch

Result:  4.100*

Lot 11

Nach Hans von Aachen

Venus and Adonis

Result:  11.900*

Lot 16

Paul Vredeman de Vries

The Queen of Sheba before Solomon

Result:  15.000*

Lot 17 – Highlight

Otto Marseus van Schrieck

Forest floor still life with three snakes, lizard and toad

Result:  66.300*

Lot 18

Frans Francken d. J. (Werkstatt)

The Adoration of the shepherds

Result:  2.500*

Lot 19

David Teniers d. J. (Nachfolge)

The raven brings St. Anthony and St. Paul the bread.

Result:  3.500*

Lot 21

Abraham van Diepenbeeck

Abraham and the three angels

Result:  3.800*

Lot 22

Flemish School

Paul’s conversion

Result:  1.900*

Lot 23

German Or Flemish School

Judith with the head of Holofernes

Result:  2.500*

Lot 24

Pieter van der Werff (zugeschrieben)

The suicide of Lucretia

Result:  6.900*

Lot 25

Gillis Claesz. D’ Hondecoeter

Rocky landscape with cattle and travellers on a winding road

Result:  6.900*

Lot 30

Jan Josef Hooremans d. J.

Visiting the new mother

Result:  6.900*

Lot 32

Franz Rösel von Rosenhof

Small rabbit eating a clover leaf

Result:  11.300*

Lot 35 – Highlight

Jacob van Ruisdael

Waterfall in mountainous landscape

Result:  40.000*

Lot 36

Nach Jacob van Ruisdael

Forest landscape with swampy water and a wooden bridge

Result:  4.000*

Lot 37

Jan van Huchtenburgh

Elegant riders in a park near a castle

Result:  6.300*

Lot 40

Salomon van Ruisdael (Umkreis)

Fishermen on a river

Result:  4.600*

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