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Auction 284 | Lot 400 – 499 (Old Masters & 19th Century Art)

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9 November 2018
Lot 400 – 499 (Old Masters & 19th Century Art)



Lot 403

Josef Slovnik

The new room

Result:  630*

Lot 404

Annibale Carracci (Nachfolge)

Three Studies for a male saint (Evangelist?)

Result:  310*

Lot 406

French Or Italian School

Mythological scene

Result:  380*

Lot 410


Study for a mythological figure

Result:  380*

Lot 413


Saint Mary with the child

Result:  750*

Lot 415

Thomas Schwanthaler

Saint Jacob with pilgrim’s staff and dog

Result:  810*

Lot 416

Meyer Felix (zugeschrieben)

The baroque Castle Monfort (?) in Langenargen

Result:  480*

Lot 419

Netherlandish School

A river landscape with an angler

Result:  380*

Lot 420

Netherlandish School

View of a village

Result:  810*

Lot 421

Louis Fabricius Dubourg

Allegory of painting

Result:  1.800*

Lot 424

Daniel Nicolas Chodowiecki

Declaration of love

Result:  500*

Lot 425

Johann Christian Klengel

Study of lying and standing sheep

Result:  810*

Lot 429

Chales Pierre Joseph Normand

6 sheets: Preliminary sketches for etchings

Result:  630*

Lot 435

Conrad Wiessner

The bear cave at Ober-Ammergau

Result:  500*

Lot 441

Johann Georg von Dillis (zugeschrieben)

Drawing of herbs

Result:  500*

Lot 449

Hans Herrmann

Fish market in Amsterdam

Result:  750*

Lot 454

Carl Spitzweg

2 sheets: Studies of oriental men

Result:  630*

Lot 455

Edward Jakob von Steinle (zugeschrieben)

After Raffael: Parnass and the School of Athens

Result:  750*

Lot 457

Ludwig Ferdinand von Rayski

Study of three dogs

Result:  440*

Lot 458R

Friedrich Edouard Meyerheim

Joung girl wearing traditional costume laying the table

Result:  690*

Lot 461

Anton Alexander von Werner

3 sheets: Summer in the park – Study of a horse named “Titan”

Result:  1.100*

Lot 463

Meister Mz (Matthäus Zasinger)

St. Ursula

Result:  630*

Lot 466

Franciscus van der Steen

Mary with the child

Result:  310*

Lot 469

Jean Lepautre

4 sheets: Vases à l’antique

Result:  480*

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