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Auktion 291 | 19th Century Art

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Old Masters & 19th Century Art

Felix Ziem
View from Venice
Oil on canvas, 54,5 x 84 cm

Lot 70

Carl Spitzweg

Upcoming thunderstorm near Murnau

Result:  16.300*

Lot 72

Eduard Schleich d. Ä. (zugeschrieben)

Stormy atmosphere in the Dachauer Moos wetlands

Result:  2.500*

Lot 74

Ferdinand Feldhütter

Landscape near Leutstetten

Result:  1.100*

Lot 76

Ludwig Sckell

The Gosausee with the Dachstein

Result:  1.300*

Lot 77 – Highlight

Heinrich Bürkel

Fountain at Garmisch

Result:  25.000*

Lot 78 – Highlight

Heinrich Bürkel

A brawl in front of the tavern

Result:  30.000*

Lot 84N

Gerhard von Kügelgen

The nest robber

Result:  13.800*

Lot 88

Pieter Lodewijk Francisco Kluyver

Dutch landscape with windmill

Result:  2.300*

Lot 90

Christian Philipp Koester

Mill by the waterfall

Result:  3.500*

Lot 91

Themistokles von Eckenbrecher

Norwegian fjord landscape with a steamer and a fishing boat

Result:  3.100*

Lot 95

Hugo von Blomberg

Temple in the moonlight

Result:  1.300*

Lot 100

Paul Lecomte

Breton coastal scene

Result:  1.200*

Lot 103

German School

Portrait of a ieutenant of the Prussian Guard Cuirassier Regiment

Result:  2.000*

Lot 104

French Or Italian School

Mary Isabella of Spain, Queen of Sicily

Result:  3.300*

Lot 105

Russisch oder Ukrainisch

Portrait of Field Marshal Ivan Wassilyevich Gudovich

Result:  15.000*

Lot 108

Carl Clasen

Male portrait, seen from the back (study)

Result:  2.400*

Lot 109

Carl Clasen

Portrait of a young gentleman (study)

Result:  2.300*

Lot 111

Otto Scholderer (Umkreis)

Portrait of an artist

Result:  1.400*

Lot 113

Wien, um 1880

Nude female back

Result:  2.800*

Lot 114 – Highlight

Félix Ziem

View of Venice

Result:  33.800*

Lot 116

C. F. Merley

View of a monastery church on the Adige river in South Tyrol

Result:  1.900*

Lot 120

Thomas Ender

Southern coastline with sailing boats

Result:  1.100*

Lot 121N

Franz Ludwig Catel

Monk in a vestibule with a view of Vesuvius

Result:  13.100*

Lot 122N

Bernhard Fries

View of Narni

Result:  8.800*

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