We are thankful to Erik Riedel, Ludwig Meidner-Archiv im Jüdischen Museum, Frankfurt/Main, for the information he has kindly provided for cataloguing this lot. Exhibitions: Die letzten Tage der Menschheit – Bilder des 1. Weltkrieges, Altes Museum, Berlin 1994, p. 492 Nr. II/37, with black and white ill. Provenance: collection of Marvin & Janet Fishman, Milwaukee/USA. Karl & Faber, Sonderauktion Marvin & Janet Fishman, 28.10.2010, lot 58; Ketterer, Munich 10.12.2011, lot 39; private collection, Österreich.Ketterer, Munich 7.12.2019, lot 529, acquired there by the present owner.


• Formerly housed in the Marvin & Janet Fishman Collection, according to Artnews one of the 200 most important private collections in the world
• Sought-after depiction by Meidner from the time of the First World War
• Dynamic, expressive drawing style In his apocalyptic visions of the time around 1912, Ludwig Meidner foresaw the horrors of the First World War. Now, in the midst of war, he visualised what he saw in a dynamic and tense drawing technique. The rapid strokes of the pen and ink give the composition the direct proximity that characterises the artist’s work. Meidner reduces the heroic battlefield fantasies of the 19th century to absurdity by concentrating on the actual events and visualising the cruelly unheroic experience. For many artists of the time, the personal experience of war was a haunting one that they were only able to process in the years that followed. Meidner addressed the war directly, taking the side of the suffering humanity, thus creating authentic documents of this insult to civilisation.

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