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Auction 282 | Modern Art

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6 June 2018
Modern Art

Tulip, Lilac and Calla, 1915.
Oil on Canvas. Ca. 63 x 50 cm.
Result (inkl. BP): € 337,500

Lot 560

Henri Michaux


Result:  27.500*

Lot 501 – Highlight

Max Klinger

Bathing girl, looking at her reflection in the water

Result:  25.000*

Lot 553N

Giorgio Morandi

Natura Morta

Result:  25.000*

Lot 559N

Carl Buchheister

„Komposition r 5/33 “ (Dornerbild)

Result:  20.000*

Lot 550

Hermann Max Pechstein

„Die Lerche“ (Field lark)

Result:  18.800*

Lot 570

Marcel Duchamp

La Boîte verte: La mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même

Result:  18.800*

Lot 519N

Lyonel Feininger

The Disparagers

Result:  17.500*

Lot 569

Pablo Picasso


Result:  16.300*

Lot 566N

Marc Chagall

The donkey over the village.

Result:  15.000*

Lot 674

Pierre-Paul Girieud

„San Gimignano de la route de Sienne“

Result:  15.000*

Lot 568

Pablo Picasso

Vieux sculpteur grec avec modèle,

Result:  14.400*

Lot 770N

George Minne

Le grand agenouillé

Result:  14.400*

Lot 644

Curt Ehrhardt

„Droschkenkutscher b. Tietz“ (Cab at Tietz)

Result:  13.800*

Lot 502

Edvard Munch

Mondaufgang (Moonrise)

Result:  13.800*

Lot 826

Hermann Stenner

Two woman on the street

Result:  13.800*

Lot 527

Hermann Max Pechstein

Self-portrait on a letter

Result:  12.500*

Lot 816

Josef Scharl

Nymphenburg im Winter (Wintertime in Nymphenburg)

Result:  12.500*

Lot 562

Fernand Léger

“Etude a City of Lights“

Result:  12.500*

Lot 533

Heinrich Campendonk

Sitzender Harlekin (Seated harlequin)

Result:  12.500*

Lot 618

Max Beckmann


Result:  11.900*

Lot 3125

Pablo Picasso

Series of 12 sheets: Faunes et Flore d’Antibes

Result:  11.900*

Lot 554

Edgar Ende

„Das Bild des Menschen“ (The image of man)

Result:  10.600*

Lot 523

Lyonel Feininger

Spaziergänger (Promenaders)

Result:  10.000*

Lot 794

Emil Nolde

Dampfer (groß hell) (Steamboat (large bright)

Result:  10.000*

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