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Auction 295 | 19th Century Art

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Old Masters & 19th Century Art

Cover Picture:
Adolph von Menzel, Im Freien, 1852

Lot 145 – Highlight

Étienne Alphonse Dinet

Joueur de flûte. Environs de Laghouat

Result:  250.000*

Lot 185N – Highlight

Adolph Menzel

Outdoor scene (Girl on a balcony)

Result:  77.500*

Lot 103 – Highlight

Adolph Menzel

Portrait of the painter Paul Meyerheim

Result:  37.500*

Lot 122 – Highlight

Hans Thoma

In the park of Mainberg Castle near Schweinfurt

Result:  35.000*

Lot 69 – Highlight

Carl Spitzweg

The cactus enthusiast

Result:  27.500*

Lot 68

Carl Spitzweg

The hermit at the wine tasting

Result:  25.000*

Lot 52 – Highlight

Oswald Achenbach

View of the garden of the Villa d’Este in Tivoli

Result:  17.500*

Lot 130

Bernard Edouard Swebach

Pendants: Setting out for the Hunt – The rest

Result:  15.000*

Lot 140N

Narcisse Diaz de La Peña

The forest of Fontainebleau

Result:  13.800*

Lot 150

Aimé-Jules Dalou

La Maternité

Result:  13.800*

Lot 70

Philipp Sporrer

The accosted parson

Result:  12.500*

Lot 101

Wilhelm Kuhnert

Fallow deer in a clearing

Result:  11.300*

Lot 51

Friedrich Otto Geleng

View of Taormina and Mount Etna

Result:  10.000*

Lot 206N

Otto Greiner

Study for “Pair of centaurs jumping over a hedge” (1891)

Result:  8.800*

Lot 89

James Durno (zugeschrieben)

Priamus returning to Troy with the body of Hector – Hector’s fare

Result:  8.800*

Lot 113

Albert von Keller

A nude outdoors with flowers

Result:  8.800*

Lot 189

Hermann Wunderlich

The old synagogue at Dresden

Result:  8.100*

Lot 214

Fidus (Hugo Höppener)


Result:  7.500*

Lot 121

Hans Makart

Judith and her handmaid with the head of Holofernes in Bethulia

Result:  7.500*

Lot 40

Johann Georg von Dillis

In the olive grove

Result:  6.300*

Lot 94

Fredrik Marianus Kruseman

Dutch landscape with a cottage

Result:  6.300*

Lot 188


Adolph Menzel’s house on Sigismundstraße in Berlin

Result:  5.600*

Lot 186

Adolph Menzel

Garden scene

Result:  5.600*

Lot 213

Ludwig Fahrenkrog

Study of Christ on the cross

Result:  5.600*

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